Sunday 17 April 2011

Team Liability is dead. Long live Team Awesome

In a lovely surprise, Jen and Dan turned up at the last meeting point within the M25. Jen's first comment was that I wasn't nearly out of breath enough, and Dan told me I had to slow down as my 9 minute a mile pace is making him look bad...

So Dave has headed off and Pete has joined the car. They'll be heading to the various villages on my route to wait for me to head past. I've warned the local police so that they don't get attested for soliciting!

I'm definitely out of London now (you can just about make out central London in this photo), and the marathon already feels a distant memory. Very strange...

Currently running 112 miles to raise money for the Epilepsy Society ( Please donate at the top of the page!


  1. this could be a long nite for all of us ...........the blog is very funny and I can see that we'll be up all nite eagerly waiting for the next update.

    Keep going sam - you're a star!! oh..............and go easy on Dan.

    The Osbornes

  2. Well done Sam, keep hanging in there!

  3. Sam, you're a proper legend, well done and keep going!


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