Sunday 17 April 2011

It begins...

Right then, here we go! I slept very well last night (surprisingly!) and woke up feeling nice and refreshed. Had a shower, ate LOTS of porridge (stodge!), performed various pre-running preparations which you don't want to hear about, and got ready to head out of the door with the rest of team awesome!

Pete is documenting things for me, so we had a little interview on the way to the station, Then jumped on the tube on our way to Greenwich. Things were going well until Team Liability (as they have insisted on being called) split up trying to get out of Greenwich DLR station. But it looks as if Dave has been located, and we're ready to rock!

I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, I've eaten plenty and I am a little bit high off of carb drinks! This sugar crash is going to suck tomorrow...

Currently running 112 miles to raise money for the Epilepsy Society ( Please donate at the top of the page!

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