Sunday 27 February 2011

That's better! 21/02/11 - 27/02/11

Well that's been much better! It's been a pretty full on week this week, with a couple of work runs, a full on 50 something miles this weekend, and a random middle of the night run in the week.

And most of this was in my brand spanking new trainers (Mizuno Wave Inspire 7). I've used the same shoes since I started running - if it ain't broke and all that. I'm nothing if not a creature of habit! The new model 7 feels a bit tighter around the midfoot, so I'm just making sure it doesnt affect things. Got some elastic laces as well, in preparation for triathloning in the future, and they work very nicely. All of this was kindly donated by Vivienne at Trisportsplus.

I just couldn't wait to try them out, so when Jen went to bed on Thursday, I disappeared out into the night for an 18 mile run. At 2 in the morning. It was great fun! Lovely and clear night with nobody around. Well, apart from the random police car that I bumped into halfway down the guided busway. I'm not sure who was more surprised - me or them! Jen was worried about murderers, but I figured there are better places to wait for victims than in the middle of nowhere down an unused bus path... My main concern was werewolves.

This weekend has been a full on mileathon, with 28 miles Saturday and 22 miles today. Plus a couple of miles walking on the beach with Jen and Max (and Dan, Zoe and Poppy). Now home for a lazy afternoon! Would you believe I'm on holiday at the moment? Not everybody's idea of a good time I agree! the pace has been pretty good, faster than 9 minutes a mile over those 50 miles, so I'm looking good for the sub-4 hour marathon. I figure 4 hours is a good time to aim for given the warm sown afterwards... I'll wait until Loch Ness in October to go full on for a proper PB.

Anyway, here is the breakdown of the week:

Cycling 3 miles (park and ride to work)
Cycling 16.5 miles (work to home)

Running 3 miles (park and ride to work)
Running 16.5 miles (work to home)

Cycling 3 miles (park and ride to work)
Cycling 16.5 miles (work to home)

Running 18 miles (middle of the night run!)

Attempted to run with dog but failed miserably, so let's call it a rest day!

Running 28 miles

Running 22 miles

Cycling 39 miles
Running 87.5 miles

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