Friday 18 February 2011

Publicity avalanche!

There's definitely no going back now! What started off as somewhat of a joke has now become more of a reality. The local media that I contacted when I first planned this crazy event have all suddenly got back to me all at the same time - must be a slow news week!

I have now had an interview with the Hunts Post (which should be in next weeks edition), an interview and photo shoot with the Cambridge News, an interview on Cambridge 105 radio. There is also an article in the Hunts News gigs section for the 100 Mile Playlist on March 12th, which I am really looking forward to! There's also an interview with BBC Radio Cambridge tonight, and with Star 107 next week. And more to come I hope! Of course, me being the shy retiring type, I obviously find talking about this very difficult... But I seriously love that this has taken off so well, and I really hope that it helps in some way with the work that the Epilepsy Society do.

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