Tuesday 8 March 2011

The grand plan

Just a quick post which I meant to put up last week regarding my final plans for my run in April. I had originally planned to cover the distance in two legs, taking a well deserved sleep on Saturday night. The main reason for this is that Jen, my long-suffering other half, is acting as my support crew on the day and her idea of a good time does not include 24 hours of following her idiot hubby-to-be around in the car. However, with a little bit of rearranging, I have managed to sort things out so that my parents can take me into London and keep hold of my first set of supplies, leaving Jen to meet me outside of the dreaded M25 and do the night-time part. So I am free to do the whole thing in one continuous go. Yay?!?

So, the plan is to run the London marathon on the Sunday morning, then slowly make my way through the backwoods of the South East home to St. Ives overnight. I'm aiming for a sub 4-hour marathon, which should be quite comfortable and give me an opportunity to really enjoy the race and take in the sights. Makes a change from gritting my teeth, blocking everything out but the metal, and headbanging my way through the finishing line like usual! I figure by the time I'm done, collected my hydration pack and supplies from my parents, and made it through the various crowds to join the Greenwich Meridian Trail about 6 miles away, it will be about 4pm. It's then an 18 mile run to the outside of the M25 where I will be meeting up with Jen for the first time for my first equipment check. The plan is then to run the remaining 60 odd miles in about 10 mile segments, meeting up at the various villages on the way just to make sure that I am still alive. I just have to hope I don't scare the villagers...

I will work out an official itinerary closer to the time, but I should get into St. Ives by 10am the following day. I figure if I call it midday, that gives me a buffer zone in case anything goes wrong (touch wood!). I am in the process of organising to do some fundraising in town on the Monday lunchtime when I arrive, and I will hopefully have a little finishing line to break through as well - sad I know, but it should make a good photo! If you happen to be off work on Monday 18th April, AND you happen to be in the small village of St. Ives, Cambridge, AND it is lunchtime - come and say hi!

All in all, the fundraising is going really well at the moment. Thankyou so much everybody that has sponsored me already, it really is going towards a fantastic cause! I have raised over £900 already, and have my charity gig this Saturday (12th March) at the Portland Arms, Cambridge which I am hoping will raise another £500. Plus whatever we take on the day from passers by will all add up, and it really feels fantastic to be helping out, if only in my small way. It has been amazing to hear the stories of the other runners who are doing the marathon for the Epilepsy Society, and terrible to hear the toll that epilepsy can take on some people's lives. It really cements how lucky I should consider myself. I wish everybody running in April the best of luck, and hope that their training is going really, really well! I'll see you in 6 weeks!

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